Kitchen Colour Trends 2022.

3 Methods to Transform Your Cooking Shelter

Guesses for kitchen colour trends in 2022 show people are considering for comforting and natural colour palettes in their cooking shelters. As 2022 converts a year of sustainability and aware designs, we will see a lot of soul- comforting outlooks in our home interiors.

Rendering to our design visions, wellness will be a motivating factor in home interiors. Colours that display natural and sustainable formats will be dominant. However, we will also see a lot of vibrant shades, mainly in backsplash designs. And this goes for kitchen design also. Colours have always been a source of setting the feel in our interiors. Hence, this year, we will be using colours that align with the year’s whole design trends. While the white kitchen trend will continue to be important because of its simplicity, we bring you some out of the box kitchen colour trends in 2022 for you.


Kitchen colour trends 2022 display us how to transform our cooking shelters instantly!


1. Olive Green Is One of the Popular Kitchen Colour Trends In 2022.


Since 2022 is a year of naturalness, green will surely rule the trending kitchen paint colours. However, olive green will be a top preferred shade out of the different green colours. The colour’s refined tone is beautifully soothing. Besides, it is also a very urban colour tone. Thus, you can add olive green to your kitchen cabinets, walls, lighting and add a splash of a natural feel to your cooking structure.



An olive green kitchen design with a soothing appeal.


2. Pink Terracotta Is Absolutely for Kitchen Colour Trends In 2022


When you think of earthy and natural colours, terracotta pink can be an outstanding choice. It is an earthy yet contemporary tone. Second, it adds a natural touch to the interiors. So couple it up with white and wooden colours to make a trendy kitchen design. You can also add barophilic elements to give the pink terracotta interiors a thrilling twist.



A bright kitchen design with pink terracotta cabinets


3. Navy Blue Is an Interesting Choice from the Trending Cabinet Colours


Blues are spinning out to be an excellent colour for kitchen interiors. Although we love every shade of blue, you can try out the deeper shades for your kitchen. Between others, navy blue will be one of the standard trending cabinet colours this year. It is extremely appealing and reliable for different design themes. You can go with a contemporary, traditional, as well as vintage theme with navy blue. Moreover, the colour looks superb with metallic inflections and wooden flooring, which will be trending in 2022.



A bright kitchen design with pink terracotta cabinets


Boho - The perfect blend of Art.

Bohemian and Traditional Interior Design Patterns in Kochi.

Bohemian decor is a colourful, extensive look with a universal motivation. ... Bohemian style features a cool mix of colour and designs, furniture flairs, and surprising décor along with uneven layouts. Boho style tends to be fabulous casual and cheerful, with a comfortable approach to designing.

Bohemian and Traditional mix up Interior Design project from THEOZ INTERIOR DESIGNERS KOCHI. One of our client requested to us they need elegant and unique bohemian interior design styles for their apartment at Olive, Kaloor. House owner working @ Techno Park, Trivandrum. His wife working as a Journalist at Indian Express. She requested they need totaly extraordinary design rather than common modular kitchen. After the discussion we made the bohemian and traditional mixup Interior. They are absolutely happy and told us Nice vibes and go ahead with this charming design.

Best Interior Designers Kochi

Contemporary boho, also known as urban boho, is a difference of bohemian style. Urban boho implements the most prominent features of the bohemian style, such as rattan, macramé, and ethnic designs on pillows and carpets.


Interior Design Trends for 2022
Home Interior Connecting with nature.

Home owners have been requesting eco-friendlier nature light in their homes through huge window and door openings for years, and that’s a trend clearly continuing into 2022. People are growing the natural light in their homes and creating a more real connection with nature by adding sliding glass doors or adding bigger upvc windows for a better sense of connection to outside.

Home Interior Connecting with Nature_Theoz Interior Designers Kochi

You can refer more eco-friendly interior trends for 2022, Get a free consultation for interior designing, connect with best interior designers kochi. We’ve noticed home owners boarding on remodelling work to replace more traditional courtyard doors with big picturesque styles to create a construction between interior and exterior spaces for more seamless alterations and a wisdom of freedom.”


Creative Interior Design Ideas

New House - is a empty canvas. And only here you can set free your creativity and thoughts, filling each small room with unique design dreams, extraordinary details, give a unique appeal, love and comfort. Wall Painting - definitely one of the best ways to clean up a space, make it a little more attractive. Choose a color that perfectly complements your personality and great for the interior. For example, golden-yellow and bright green paint - an superb option for the lively and cheerful residents, peaceful and collected ladies are best appropriate with grayish and blue colors. Wallpaper can be combined with decorative walls. Very odd and in their original wallpaper coating will look includes and wall stickers, but unlike the wallpapers, they can be removed at any time. This choice is most excellent for those who cannot stand the loyalty and uniformity.

Apr 04, 2007, 12.08am | INTERIOR DESIGN

Simple ways to change interior design of your home

One of the easiest ways to construct it more attractive any room to put a mirror in the room. This thing decoration add light and easiness of placement, furthermore, the mirror will boost the breathing space visually. You just require preferring the exact style model and find a suitable position on the wall, is where the mirror will look the most useful.

May 07, 2008, 12.08am | INTERIOR DESIGN


Art style is attractive and ornamental style and mysteriously sufficient, was borrowed from Chinese art. Interior design in the Art style is very probable nature lovers. This style welcomes the interior, where all the essentials seem like natural, not human made and imaginary. This is evidenced by the negative response of directly lines and angles in favor of a more natural, "Natural" lines, the attention in new technologies. skin of the Art styles, as well as contemporary, is flat, wavy lines and shapes on the model of organic plants also.

Jul 02, 2009, 12.08am | DECOR

Minimalist Interior Design

The simplicity of Minimalist Interior Design is what describes this idea.
In Minimalist Design the first item to stay in mind is having a large clear out. Modern interior in a minimalist style can be explained as a imitation of space and light using only the essential and functional objects. The most important thing when creating such interiors is a proficiently planned space in which many spotted, calm light when it seems that the light of the very walls and ceiling, a lot of air. To make a sense of the span and largeness space as possible is freed from internal partitions.

Feb 09, 2010, 12.08am | INTERIOR DESIGN

Fusion Style

Fusion in the early twenty first century in a home interior conquered fusion style combine. the decor should reflect the taste and qualities of the crowd. In accordance with the trends of modern design home or apartment eastern garnishing can and should be organically and proficiently enter into the European traditional interior.

Mar 08, 2011, 12.08am | INTERIOR DESIGN

Antique Interior Design

Under antiquity know the designer of ancient Greece and Rome. Ancient Greek architecture had showed on the islands of the Aegean sea was so pleasant and holistic, which subsequently was supposed by later styles. Antique style we all know the superb monuments of ancient Greece and Rome, monuments and sculptures. Beautiful sculptures of famous people, gods, goddesses, and amazing art painting attracted its concord and for many are the typical for others to follow.

Jun 03, 2015, 12.08am | INTERIOR DESIGN

213 pass Interior Designer Licensure Exam –PRC

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on Thursday announced that 213 out of 419 passed the Interior Designer Licensure Examination given by the Board of Interior Design in Manila in October. The PRC said registration for the issuance of Professional Identification Card and Certificate of Registration will be done online from November 15 to November 16, 2016. Click here for the complete list of passers.

Nov 12, 2016, 10.58 am | INTERIOR DESIGN

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